Level up your interior spaces by mastering these Lighting 101 tips

Have you ever wondered how to accomplish balanced illumination in your interior design projects?

Check out this Lighting 101 quick guide to level up your lighting selection.

What is light?

Light is a form of energy that is part of the electromagnetic spectrum visible to the human eye.

The human eye can see light only in relatively small spectrum, from violet to red wavelengths.

Quality Lighting allows users to function comfortably in an interior, feel safe in it and appreciate its aesthetics components.

Achieving a quality lighting environment requires complete control over the lighting system.

The Key techniques:

  • Integrate the principles of Design
  • Layer light into the composition

Categories of lighting:

If you conquer the art of layering including natural lighting and multiple electrical light sources, you could accomplish a balance and harmonious space.

Accent lighting

The purpose of accent or focal lighting is to bring attention to an object or element in a space. Accent lighting creates drama, variety, interest and excitement in an interior.

  • Grazing
  • Backlighting
  • Washing

Task lighting

Is a direct form of lighting that enables users to see the critical details of an activity.

The illumination level of task lighting should be approximately three times the level of general lighting. This ratio ensures a level of lighting that allows the eye to shift from task to the surrounding area and vice versa with a minimum amount of adjustment in the eye’s lens.

Ambient Lighting

Designed to provide uniform lighting to a space. Often, light fixtures for general lighting are designed for indirect or reflected illumination and are hidden from view.

It allows users to perceive the overall shape and size of a space.

Decorative lighting

Is designed to be a focal point in the space. It can be a fixture that is designed to be an ornamental element of the interior, or it can be a specialty architectural lighting solution.

The purpose of a decorative fixture should remain ornamental.

By mastering these tips you will be able to have well illuminated and harmonious interior spaces.

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