I regret not having the “Churros” in Madrid

On February 2nd, of 2020 was my last travel experience. I traveled to Madrid, Spain.

I traveled to Spain for business purposes and had the chance to stop in Madrid one night to visit my childhood best friend.

Let me take you further back in the story. From September to November in 2019 I traveled over three times to Spain due to projects. I ate all the Paella and Churros with hot chocolate for the entire year.

As 2020 kicked off, I had booked at least three more trips to Spain for the first quarter of the year. The first one being in February.

When in Madrid in February, I postponed that museum visit and eating Churros for my supposed March trip that never happened.

I have thought about those “Churros” during the entire quarantine. In reality, (I think hahaha) is not about the Churros is about postponing things for later.

The “Later” is unknown and what I learned from my last and first trip in 2020 is that I shouldn’t leave for later what I could have done then. Live the now. Hug, kiss and Love now. Take the risks now. There might not be tomorrow. Eat the “Churros” now.

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