How to manage WFH (Working from home) Stress

For those of us that had to adapt to a “New normal” WFH, it might be difficult to find work – life balance and be able to be efficient throughout the day.

These 5 tips help me be accountable with my daily tasks and maintaining sanity during this difficult time.

  1. Create new routines. Set a schedule and stick to it. Wake up at the same time every day, meditate, read or exercise to reset your body and mind for the new day.
  2. Have a “To do List”: Write down all your pending task of the day and tackle one at the time. That will help you stay on track and get everything done.
  3. Take short breaks: Have lunch away from your working area, take 15 minutes walk breaks around the neighborhood or perhaps do a quick stretching session to recharge.
  4. Drink water: Keep yourself hydrate. The brain works best when you are well hydrated.
  5. Keep a dedicated office space: Prepare a space in your home to be your “home office”

Follow these tips and your WHF experience would be much more manageable.

Comment below how is your WFH experience? Do you prefer WFH or you cannot wait to go back to the office?

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