Do you miss traveling to new places and learning new cultures?

I sure do.

I spent my 20’s traveling for work and pleasure. I traveled to several European countries and the Caribbean. As I just entered my 30’s I was hoping to keep checking my bucket list with my husband and child.

Covid-19 had other plans for 2020.

My 3 top places in world:

  1. Dominican Republic.

It is my hometown. It has the best beaches, best people and of course the best Hispanic food.

  1. Venice, Italy:

Lovely Italy. I love the language, the history of this city, the art, the gondolas, the romance and of course the Pasta!

  1. Barcelona, Spain:

España! Ole! Gaudi, architecture, flamenco, food, drinks and the weather are unforgettable unique!

What are your top three places in the world and why? Leave comments below.

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